(two hour minimum for booking) 

Angel Care's dependable and convenient on-site childcare services is not your typical babysitting service. When we arrive, social engagement and learning skills is the key to our care. Each care visit is specific to your child's interest and needs,they will have so much fun I guarantee they'll be looking forward to our next visit. I've listed some of our most requested services below but we're happy to provide services to parents based on their specific needs (including travel and overnight services).


**Please note we do not provide nanny services, however, we are able to feed, dress and get children ready for bed. If you have a request that doesn't fit within the descriptions below, please check our FAQs or contact us today.**

Angel Care Daytime Help:

  • Are you a stay at home parent and need a few hours to yourself during the day? Angel Care will gladly assist you with those needs. 

    • Learn & Play

      • Angel Care will come to your location with structured activities for the children during those few hours. If distant learning/homeschooling is in session we will gladly assist children with staying on track. 

    • Angel Care on the Go!

      • Angel Care will take children on field trips to explore the fun world around us. 

Price Packages:

$10/additional half hour requested outside of packaged price

# Of Children ages 5-:  One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

                       2 Hrs​:      $55 | $75 |   $95   | $115 | $135 | $155

                       4 Hrs:    $100 | $140 | $180 | $220 | $260 | $300

# Of Children ages 6+: One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

                       2 Hrs:     $45 | $65   | $85   | $105 | $125 |$145

                       4 Hrs:     $80 | $120 | $160 | $200 | $240 | $280

Date Night ​Service/Evening Care:

  • Take you or your mate on a date and allow us to care for the children!

    • Angel Care will come to your location to keep the children engaged during those few hours, and assist with evening routines while you attend meetings, social gatherings or run errands.

Price Packages:

$10/additional half hour requested outside of packaged price

# Of Children:  One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six

         2 Hrs​:      $50 | $65   | $75   | $85   | $95  | $105

         4 Hrs:      $85 | $115 | $135 | $155 | $175 | $190

Angel Care RECESS:

Virtual Learning this school year? Call Angel Care for an hour of FUN! 

  • Outdoor, Indoor or Virtual play!  $30 ($5/ additional child)

Angel Care Transportation | Contact me for a customized quote

School, Practice, Daycare, Event?

  • Angel Care Transportation services are available to transport your child(ren) safely to their destinations. 

Angel Care Travel | Contact me for a customized quote

  • Don't leave the children behind, plan your future travel with us in mind!

    • Angel Care will assist you while on travel and keep the children during the hours you'd like have some adult fun. 

Event Care Services​ | Contact me for a customized quote

  • Host an amazing event while saving your guests the hassle of finding a baby sitter.

    • Angel Care will provide on-site childcare

    • Depending on the anticipated number of children, I'll assemble and bring a team!

Do you find yourself needing assistance in any of the following areas;

  • Potty Training​

  • Sleep Training 

  • Social Skills Development 

  • Behavioral Assistance 

  • #YouNameIt

Let's face it. There's no one training on parenting. Every child is different and take their own time to development. Needing help is nothing to be ashamed of; It truly takes a village!


Contact me today for a consultation to help with your child's development. 
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