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All About Us!

Angel Care is a traveling childcare service that specializes in saving date night and giving stay at home parents back their sanity. I support thriving families by bringing intentional, supportive and attentive childcare services right to your doorstep. I pride myself on ensuring your children are safe and have fun when they are with me. I even bring a bag full of my own engaging and educational activities with me to make sure I have all I need to provide the exciting experience I'm known for. It takes a village to raise a child, who do you have in yours?


So, who is Angel?

I'm Angel (the heart behind Angel Care)!


It's been on my heart for several years now to launch a unique childcare service that parents would love! I have been taking care of children for over ten years. I was raised in an in-home childcare center. Both my mother and grandmother owned one of their own and they are a part of my inspiration. Growing up, I was the responsible teenager that everyone asked to babysit. After taking Child Development courses in High School, I developed a passion to work with youth. I wasn't quite sure in what way but I knew whatever I did, it would involve impacting the lives of younger generations. 


Post high school, I served and worked in youth ministry for five years. From assisting then leading in ministry, each week I devoted my heart and service to developing youth leaders in order to disciple other youth. I built valuable relationships and poured into the lives of young people. All the while, I still cared for children. I was the nanny for two families and the sitter for many. After many years of turning down nanny offers due to the high demand, the vision behind Angel Care was birthed! 


The best way for me to serve those who wanted me to care for their children was to provide a service that allowed stay at home parents to relax for a day and for parents to date their mate again! 


I believe in doing childcare differently not just by showing up and having fun but taking time to learn and build relationships every child I encounter. Every child is different and I believe every experience should be too.


My most precious moments have been meeting my clients for the first time and their hesitation to separate from their parents morph into excitement and warm greetings when I return! Some even hate to see me go. It takes patience and pursuit and a trusting and caring person to build those relationships.


I absolutely enjoy what I do and I appreciate parents for allowing me to become a part of their family and trusting me with their children. Oh and did I mention, I'm a certified First Aid/CPR/AED Instructor? Let's get you trained to save lives!

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